Namilia S/S 2017

Namilia Spring/Summer 17 You’re Just a Toy collection is German duo Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl’s first stand alone show at NYFW. Upon entering the show, it is clear that this is no ordinary fashion show. The combination of classic rock songs and purple toned lighting gives the feeling of being in a club instead of a fashion show. Upon entering, the audience members are handed Namilia’s manifesto:

  1. Visualization of the extreme power and madness of teenage fandom and turning boys into sexual playthings.
  2. Reversing patriarchal society’s concept of female sexualization and objectification.
  3. A mash up of hardcore fetish-wear, provocative slogans and nsfw visuals to create the true fashion activist
  4. A celebration of the deviant and the freakish; reinterpreting the rebellious and sexual codes of punks and goths
  5. Freeing yourself from the common rules of decency and letting your most inner fantasies run free
  6. Take down Trump

This manifesto is brought to you by the invincible all-girl Namilia cult.

Namilia brands itself as a commentary on feminism, youth, and the modern obsession with celebrity. You’re Just a Toy mixes religious scenes, celebrity and fetish wear.

Latex and face mask cover a majority of the models. Another model sports a tunic with the faces of the remaining One Direction members with the following model sporting only Zayn’s face and the words NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME. Images of Justin Bieber as Christ cover other models as well as images of the cross.


Namilia’s debut NYFW collection is over the top and shocking but that is exactly Namilia’s goal.

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