Son Jung Wan Fall/Winter 2016

Ali Webb, Violet Vision Editor

Pastel shades mixed with classic black and white in Son Jung Wan’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, bringing cheer to an otherwise frigid day. Lively music and a fuchsia background assisted in proving the colder seasons do not have to be depressing.

The designer entitled her collection “Playing with Fashion,” and this was evident through the creative mixture of textures and pieces. Son Jung Wan collaborated with Kopenhagen Fur for this season’s materials, combining wool, various furs, and patent leather to add both practical warmth and edginess to her pieces. Experimentation with texture is one of the designer’s specialties, and she truly came into her own this time by being more innovative than in the past.

Son Jung Wan set her show apart from the pack through her nontraditional color choice, as powder pink and baby blue dominated.  Even in less colorful ensembles, checkered patterns and an abundance of white kept the mood upbeat. The palette, which also included darker colors for contrast, echoed the designer’s recent Spring/Summer collection while using heavy, seasonally-appropriate materials.

The third-to-last look, a black wool coat with lamb sleeve detailing, set itself apart with its simplicity. It was one of the darkest of the collection, but the contrast of the white, fluffy lamb hair made it a piece that anyone could easily wear to more subtly experiment with Son Jung Wan’s creations.

Overall, looks were somewhat repetitive and the final model, wearing a black and white wool dress, did not stand out, but Son Jung Wan otherwise was forward-thinking in her designs. She took current fur and leather trends and brought them to a new level, using her characteristic textural experimentation along with pastels to put a fun, positive spin on cold-weather fashion.

Ali Webb is the Violet Vision Editor. Email her at [email protected].