Saunder Fall/Winter 2016

Christine Wang, Deputy News Editor

Emily Saunders’ latest collection, inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Theseus & The Minotaur, explores the myth through “the lens of seventies glamour and late 60s rock n’ roll.” Through mixing bold animal prints, pointed heels, and greek-inspired chitons, the collection embodies both the charisma of the seventies and the drama of the Minotaur tale.  

With an overall trend of muted yellows, coppers and grey tones, the collection subtly demands attention leaving onlookers enraptured and mystified by the ferocity resting just under the surface of each design. Theatrical pops of copper and gold glitter dominated the makeup looks, with each model rocking gold glitter eyeshadow and shimmery copper nails.

Models walked to a playlist featuring a mixture of crooning 1970s love songs and bubbly dance music. They followed a circular path, outlined on the ground by yellow rope, and stopped to stand in a circle facing out from the center of the room.

One standout look, was a vibrant, canary yellow feather dress—one of two—paired with opaque grey tights and patent leather heels. Another standout look was a one shoulder chiton with the unique print of a greek man. The fabrics designs in the Fall / Winter 2016 Saunder collection are diverse but effortlessly blended, with subtle touches of copper tiger stripes, geometric patterns, and 70’s-esque leopard spots.

“In terms of trend, I’m really drawn to interesting jacquards and fabrics that have a character of their own,” Saunders said.
Though many of the outfits were highly wearable, especially with the use of black knee-high socks and platform sandals, the copper and matte plum belted dress piece was particularly effortless and creative. The charming mixture of the two fabrics and colors will definitely be a popular pairing in the season to come.

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