Get around town quick and cheap


Jake Quan

The Citi Bikes situated all over the NYU campus are a relatively cheap and convenient way for NYU students to get around NYU and NYC.

Taylor Nicole Rogers, Staff Writer

While New York City’s falling temperatures are making walking less practical, the subway is bound to become more crowded. Next time you find yourself in need of a ride, try one of these alternative modes of transportation to get around.



As the underdog of car services, Gett uses a smartphone application to connect customers to its network of independent drivers to provide on demand taxi service at a variety of price points. Unlike the popular Uber service, there is no surge pricing according to its site. The service conducts an extensive background check on the licensing, training and fully insured statuses of its drivers. As a bonus, all rides below 110th street in Manhattan are priced at a flat rate of $10.



Students looking for a budget friendly alternative to traditional yellow cabs should try out Via, a shared on demand car service. For a flat rate of $5 per ride plus tax per ride, Via uses its smartphone app to direct customers to a nearby street corner to be picked up along with three to six other people traveling in the same general direction. The affordability of Via comes at the cost of convenience however. The service is available on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Manhattan south of 110th Street. There is late night service on Thursdays and Fridays from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.  Via sells ride credits and each ride is $7 plus tax for customers who pay per ride.


Citi Bike

Those who don’t mind putting a little work into getting around the City should check out Citi Bike. After purchasing a 24-hour bike pass for $9.95, you can check out a bike for 30 minutes at a time from any Citi Bike station in New York or Jersey City. Citi Bike even has a smartphone app that helps users find roads with bike lanes and nearby Citi Bike Stations to help you return your bike on time. Although you can check out another bike as soon as you return your original bike to a Citi Bike station, there are overcharge fees. For nonmembers, the fee accounts for every 30 minutes past the deadline, while for members, the fee is for every 45 minutes past. Citi Bike also offers annual memberships for $149 a year.


NYU BikeShare

Members of the NYU community who love the idea of City Bike should look into joining the university’s BikeShare Program. After completing an online safety training module, any NYU student, faculty, or staff member over the age of 18 can check out a bike at no cost from several convenient NYU locations including Kimmel and several residence halls. Unlike Citi Bike, riders can keep their bikes until returning it to the original location before 10 p.m. NYU BikeShare does however require all riders to wear what their website calls “sexy” helmets.


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