Fashion classes to check out for fall

Lauren Craddock, Staff Writer

For NYU students interested in fashion, there are a number of courses offered that can seem hidden on Albert. Here is a highlight of the courses offered this coming Fall 2015 semester, which intertwine creativity, design, business, media, culture, economics and sociology in the fashion industry. 

Costume Studies

Steinhardt’s costume studies major is dedicated to costume design, history, development and culture. In the fall, the major will offer a course titled “History of Fashion Photo,” open to costume studies majors and others by permission. Held once a week, the lecture highlights fashion photography and its “record of artistic movements, ideals of beauty, and social trends,” as stated in the course description. The curriculum will cover fashion photography beginning from the early 20th century up until modern times.

Fashion and Power

“Fashion and Power” is a part of the media, culture and communication program. This course is offered both in Paris and on the New York City campus next semester. The course looks at fashion as a form of communication and culture. Students will learn how fashion makes meaning in our culture through studying its history and its significance in pop culture and media institutions. The course is strictly for MCC students for the first week of registration, then will open up to the remainder of NYU’s student body.

Gallatin Fashion

With a variety of courses offered, the Gallatin fashion program covers multiple interests in the industry. This fall Gallatin will offer “Practicum in Fashion Business,” a by-permission course that closes the gap between aesthetic goals and financial plans and discovers the relationship between artistic creativity, fashion design and business. Another course offered is “Fashion, Politics and Justice.” This lecture is open to all students and relates fashion to globalization. Students will cover the production and consumption of garments and brands, and incorporate conversations on gender, labor standards, sustainability and economic and social development. Lastly, Gallatin will offer “Media and Fashion.” This course is open to all NYU students and looks at fashion in film, television and digital media.

Art History

The School of Professional Studies offers a course titled “History of Modern Fashion, 1900-Present” through its art history major. This course explores the history of fashion through the 20th and 21st centuries. The course uses critical readings, images and film to study major moments
in fashion.

Fashion Business

Open strictly as a Junior/Senior Undergraduate Experiential Learning Workshop, Stern will offer “Experiential Learning Seminar: Fashion Industry: Creative & Business.” This course is for the fashion and business student distinguishing between the creative and practical side of fashion. Enrolled students will work on projects with executives, designers, merchandisers, manufacturers and marketers who are working in the fashion business, providing students will real-world experiences with industry professionals.

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