Versatile Fashion Week accessories to suit every occasion


Cicek Erel

Staff graphic by Cicek Erel

Gabriella Bower, Contributing Writer

New York Fashion Week comes around twice a year and, for many reporters, this means war. When competing against thousands of other journalists to break a story or write the best review, one must be equipped with the necessities to succeed.

A change of shoes, a smartphone, notepads and energy bars are all crucial components in a reporter’s ensemble. But what kinds of bags will fit a fashion journalist’s arsenal while remaining compact and practical?

One option is an oversized clutch. It can be large enough to fit papers, minimal cosmetics, small electronics and, of course, a small notebook and pen to jot down comments. The bigger clutches are also on the cheap side and allow a discerning writer to take some trendy fashion risks. The Deux Lux ‘Elle’ Zip Top Pouch is a perfect option at $45.

Clutches are great, but they will never allow a reporter to be handsfree. If this is of the utmost importance, then a fanny pack is ideal.

Not the ’80s, neon-colored, polyester-blend kind, but rather a classy black faux leather fanny such as the What Goes Around Fanny Pack from Nasty Gal ($38). It will fit the necessities and, with Citi Bikes on the rise, these bags will not cramp the biker fashionista’s style. Be careful what kind of outfit is paired with this bag because dresses and skirts may not be the best option. But, don’t be afraid. If Matthew McConaughey rocked a fanny pack at a Boston Red Sox game, then surely it can make an appearance at New York Fashion Week.

With traffic exceptionally crazy this time of year, walking is another transportation option. Walking from uptown to downtown in heels is not ideal, so a bag with room for a change of shoes is key.

A mini satchel has room for shoes and smaller electronics, and it can double as either a handheld or handsfree bag if it has an attachable strap like the “Mini Stud Satchel” from ASOS ($35).

Some reporters need larger electronics such as laptops or tablets on hand. In this case, a regular-sized satchel would suffice. Topshop’s ‘Saffiano’ Colorblock Satchel is a great option at $58. Satchels have all the same benefits as their smaller counterparts but allow for more storage. The only downside is that the weight can be unpleasant to carry after a few hours.

Finally, a briefcase is the classic option for a fashion week bag. The Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Briefcase is available in several colors and is just as durable as every other bag under the Longchamp name ($95). A briefcase will fit papers and slimmer electronics perfectly, and they exude an air of professionalism. A word of caution, though: do not try to stuff things such as large cosmetic cases, shoes or food inside this type of bag, because it will make it look obtrusive.

When picking the perfect purse for a Fashion Week ensemble, remember that the architectural principle “form follows function” is also the best bag tip to keep in mind.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, Sept. 10 print issue. Email Gabrielle Bower at [email protected]