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Mindful Living


March 2023 Issue

How To Pull Yourself Out of a Doomscrolling Pit

When staying up to date with current events becomes a personal crisis, it’s clear it is time to make a change.

What My Sister’s OCD Taught Me About Empathy

Still in the process of learning from my sister’s experience with OCD, I am committed to fostering conversations about mental health and how to best accommodate others.

Wellness Cult-ure

Wellness culture on social media can promote unattainable standards, perpetuating harmful habits and cycles of unhealthy comparison.

Finding Happiness in the Middle of Nowhere

A glimpse into ten weeks in one of the nation’s most intensive wilderness therapy programs. What worked, what didn’t and where it left me.

Growing and Healing Through Art and Reflection


NYU Steinhardt’s graduate Art Therapy students showcase artworks in the “Art Affect” exhibition.


by: Yuna Baek