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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A front entrance with the text “Electric Lady Studios” written in a retro white font on two reflective walls.
‘An exploitative environment’: The interns behind Electric Lady Studios
Julia Diorio, Music Editor • Feb 20, 2024
The exterior of the Morton Williams Supermarket, with a prominent red lettering that reads Morton Williams at the top of the building and the phrase The Fresh Marketplace beneath it.
How a supermarket became the center of NYU’s relationship with the Village
Carmo Moniz, Managing Editor • Jan 31, 2024

No Gym? No Problem

With every gym in the country closed, get your workout on with these fun and mostly free ideas.
Alexandra Chan
Changing gears to remote learning can also alter workout routines. Stay home and stay active with these online options. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

The idea of exercising at home seemed appealing when it was cold and rainy in New York City. But now that we’ve transitioned to remote learning, we must also transition our regular workout routines from gyms to our living room floors. Here are some free (and some slightly more expensive) programs to try at home while pretending you’re inside the corridors of Palladium. 

The Sculpt Society by Megan  Roup 

“The Sculpt Society” is a unique program consisting of workouts combining cardio with dance for a high-intensity workout. While a majority of Roup’s videos don’t require equipment, some may need a resistance band or two. One minute you’ll be doing jumping jacks, and the next you’ll be twirling and stomping your feet. This plan is ideal for those who want to do cardio through fast-paced choreography and don’t mind spending $20 a month. Although I felt somewhat odd dancing on my patio, I’d still recommend busting out your best dance moves with the free 14-day trial. I’m grateful I got to try it, as for my uncoordinated self, in the wise words of Chad Danforth, I don’t dance. 

Chloe Ting 

One of my favorite fitness channels on YouTube, Chloe Ting, has a variety of home workout videos that are free and require no equipment. On her website, she lists each program’s duration and each exercise the workout includes, so she makes it super easy to plan your workouts as you adjust to remote learning and social distancing. Currently, I am trying out her Summer Shred Challenge. I encourage you to give it a try, as I was worn out after the first 10 minutes of one of the videos despite the 30-second rest periods. Let’s just say that I am still recovering! Thankfully, she offers low-impact options as well, in case you’re too tired to complete each exercise in its entirety. I love Ting’s workouts, because not only are they super intense, but they also keep your mind engaged with your screen, instead of your environment. 

Xtend Barre Pilates by Andrea Rogers 

I am a major fan of pilates and even spent some of my paycheck on classes in the city, so I was thrilled when I first discovered “XB Pilates” on my Instagram feed. At first, I found it questionable that the program catered towards just mat pilates and reformer-inspired movements since I’m used to exercising with equipment. However, a few minutes into the class, my skepticism was gone. I felt as though I was in my Union Square pilates class, except with the sound of mosquitos flying around and the smell of freshly cut grass in my backyard. Anyone who is a fan of pilates or has always wanted to try it should definitely look into this program. Similar to “The Sculpt Society,” they offer a 14-day trial period before you commit to the $8 charge per month. 

Yoga with Adriene 

Doing Yoga With Adriene reminded me of how long it has been since I have done yoga. Her YouTube videos are extremely easy to follow, with her soothing voice making the experience serene for beginners and anyone who is looking to ease anxiety during this stressful time. Since I haven’t been to a yoga class in a few years, I was surprised by how quickly I was able to follow each movement and pose no matter how complicated they seemed. She is definitely one of the best yoga instructors online and is worth trying out. 

Although we are living in a strange time, it is important to indulge in some self-care. Check out these programs, read a book, talk to a friend and look after your mental health as well as your physical.

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About the Contributor
Alexandra Chan, Editor-at-Large
Alexandra Chan is a junior studying history, politics and East Asian studies. She has done her time in the basement dungeon state of mind and can't really seem to let go. Follow her @noelle.png on Instagram for inconsistent posting but aesthetically pleasing rows. She doesn't know what Twitter is.
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