Listen to This: Singles from April 17-23

In case you missed it, here are new tracks by Day6, Alanis Morissette and more.


Susan Behrends Valenzuela

(Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

The relationship between an artist and the listener can be a powerful one. Music often formulates or elicits emotions we cannot formulate as eloquently, or universalizes personal experiences. While we are not yet able to see our beloved artists perform in person, our bond with their music remains strong. Alanis Morissette’s “I Miss the Band” and Dan + Shay’s acoustic version of “Glad You Exist,” performed recently at the American Country Music Awards, evoke the sensation of an intimate concert, as if you’re being personally serenaded. Day6’s “You make Me” takes the listener through a personal moment of the artist’s life. Flying Lotus’ “Between Memories” will accompany an upcoming anime series, framing a story and strengthening the connection between the viewer and the show. This week’s diverse group of singles are not to be missed. 


“You make Me” by Day6

Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor

K-rock band Day6’s latest track “You make Me” feels like anticipating the freedom of summer break. Members Young K and Wonpil are credited as composers, Young K wrote the lyrics and their faith in the band’s vocals pays off. “You make Me” fits perfectly into Day6’s flawless discography with their familiar polished roughness. The refined vocals and deliciously layered instrumentation evoke an emotional grit that takes the listener back to their proverbial middle school emo phase. Especially notable are the moments where Young K and Wonpil’s vocals are suspended over minimal instrumentals for a few seconds before Dowoon’s drums come in, bringing the rest of the band crashing back. This song is from the fifth installment in “The Book of Us,” an album series that took us through the ups and downs of life. The lyrics of “You make Me” tell a story of cautious hope. In the face of so much misery, when “Being alive/ Is scary and tough,” Day6 says to take life “One step at a time/However heavy it may seem.” As long as we hold on to each other, we’ll make it through. 

“I Miss The Band” by Alanis Morissette

Candace Patrick, Staff Writer 

Alanis Morissette delivers a nostalgic piano ballad in her new single entitled “I Miss the Band.” Her famously rich and emotive voice conveys the deep sentiment behind the track while the piano accompaniment gives the impression of a live performance. The stripped-down simplicity of the tune allows listeners to focus on Morissette’s storytelling and the lyrics of affection she displays toward her band, while the flowing melody draws the ear into an impassioned chorus. A montage of footage from their concerts demonstrates a close relationship between her and her bandmates in the song’s music video. Morissette ends wistfully with the lyrics, “And there’s not a day that goes by/Where I don’t hear our music in my head/Where I don’t miss the pleasure of your company.” This love song not only serves as a beautiful tribute to her group, but also to the thrill and power of live music, something that musicians and fans alike yearn for after more than a year without it. 

“Between Memories” by Flying Lotus 

Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor

One of two singles released for the upcoming Netflix anime “Yasuke,” Flying Lotus’s “Between Memories” offers an airy melody accompanied by singing reminiscent of sirens. Vocalist Niki Randa chants “A warning, no waiting/We’re off to leave now,” foreshadowing how the series hopes to transport viewers to new lands. But severed from its commercial attachment, “Between Memories” still works as an independent single. Its breezy style aligns with the arrival of spring, while Flying Lotus’ penchant for patterned beats works to bring the listener to a land of mysticism and wonder. After the lackluster reception to his last album, “Flamagra,” these singles signal Flying Lotus is honing his craft, meticulously building a style that inspires the imagination. “Between Memories” distills the loss of self that defines a good daydream, aligning the listener to its particular groove, slowly engaging in a sort of dissipation that renders the song ephemeral and the listening experience spiritual. It’s a reassuring sound, reminding people of Flying Lotus’ distinct charm as a producer who can whisk individuals away.

“Glad You Exist” by Dan + Shay 

Sasha Cohen, Arts Editor 

Dan + Shay have a knack for sweeping listeners off their feet. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the country duo has managed to reach a new level of vulnerability with the acoustic version of “Glad You Exist,” which makes you feel as if you are being personally sung to as you sit on a wooden stool. While the simple piano accompaniment delicately ping-pongs between two notes, Dan celebrates the small things we love but sometimes take for granted, like phone calls or even one’s existence. Shay adds his raspy vocals as a soft guitar and a bass join in, kindling an authentic country charm. When the pair sings, “There’s a couple billion people in the world/And a million other places we could be, but you’re here with me/Take a moment just to take it in/’Cause every high and every low led to this/I’m just so glad you exist,” it feels as if the artists give the utmost care to each word in an attempt to convey how much every moment and detail about this person matters. Just as the score begins to blossom with rich instrumental combinations, the duo pulls the song back to plead “don’t you ever go” and “never let me go,” gradually building emotions to an ultimate high. Yet as they finish the song, Dan + Shay leave listeners longing for more with breathy, harmonized runs that sweetly serenade your ears and make you crack a smile.


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