New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A front entrance with the text “Electric Lady Studios” written in a retro white font on two reflective walls.
‘An exploitative environment’: The interns behind Electric Lady Studios
Julia Diorio, Music Editor • Feb 20, 2024
The exterior of the Morton Williams Supermarket, with a prominent red lettering that reads Morton Williams at the top of the building and the phrase The Fresh Marketplace beneath it.
How a supermarket became the center of NYU’s relationship with the Village
Carmo Moniz, Managing Editor • Jan 31, 2024

How to Support New York’s Vibrant Independent Arts Scene

Even though New York is on pause, that doesn’t mean you still can’t support your favorite local bookstore or movie theater from home.
Charlie Dodge
Online gift cards, donations, live streams and more are still viable options during this time. The WSN Arts desk lists some ways you can still support independent artists from a safe social distance. (Staff Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

One week ago, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered New York City movie theaters to shut down as part of many initiatives to hopefully “flatten the curve.” Earlier in March, Broadway also shut down as a way to prevent large gatherings. Museums, bookstores and many other arts establishments followed suit as they did their part to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many of the affected organizations and artists are facing unchartered territory when it comes to how they will survive without their normal income. Below are a few ways to help keep New York’s unique art scene alive while still social distancing. 





  • Artsy – Website that allows you to view and/or purchase gallery artworks online 
  • Uprise Art – Mission is to inspire a new generation of art collectors to introduce art into their homes. It has a page for affordable originals that all cost under $800


  • Elsewhere – Community Relief GoFundMe to support the 80 employees who now face an uncertain economic future as the venue closes indefinitely 


  • Springboard for the Arts – a resource list that includes webinars and community connections, as well as links to other resource lists to help both organizations and individual artists 


  • Artist Support Pledge – Emerging artists are taking a massive hit due to the coronavirus. Thus, U.K. painter Matthew Burrows created the concept of an artist support pledge. It works by urging artists to price their works modestly, then posting their art on Instagram with the tag #artistsupportpledge. From there, other artists can purchase their work through e-commerce sites. If their total profit surpasses 1,000 euros, then they should spend 200 euros on another artist as well. 

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Mar. 23, 2020 print edition. Email the Arts Desk at [email protected].

About the Contributors
Kaylee DeFreitas, Deputy Managing Editor
Kaylee DeFreitas is a senior (Yikes!) majoring in Journalism and Educational Theatre with a minor in Irish Studies. When she isn’t writing for WSN, you can find her watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” doing embroidery and taking care of her plants. Born and raised in New Jersey, she will fight anyone who says Central Jersey doesn’t exist or calls a pork roll sandwich a taylor ham. Follow her and say hi on Twitter and Instagram at @kaylee_defre.
Ethan Zack, Deputy Managing Editor
Ethan is a junior in CAS majoring in Journalism and History. When he's not stumbling through an endless stream of Zoom classes, he's doing fun and cool things like reading the Wikipedia plot summaries of horror movies because he's too scared to actually watch them or making yet another three-song playlist that he will literally never touch again, ever. He's most active on Twitter (@ethanzack), so feel free to reach out with any spicy takes.
Fareid El Gafy, Film Editor
Fareid is a senior at Tisch double majoring in Film & TV and Politics. He’s half-Egyptian and half-British which is pretty neat, if he does say so himself, but that’s where the neat stuff ends. Hit him up if you know Jake and Amir or don’t and want to throw down. Alternatively, Fareid can talk for a solid hour about the importance of insects to human culture or find any country on a map and pretend to know something about it. Fareid spends very little time outside. That’s why he writes for the newspaper. What’s everyone else’s excuse?
Sasha Cohen, Arts Editor
Sasha Cohen is a junior studying Producing and Promotion for the Arts with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. She is from Chicago, but please do not ask her to choose between New York- and Chicago-style pizza. When Sasha is not working, she is often belting Broadway tunes, searching for the best pastries or checking out NYC parks. For more about Sasha, follow @_sasha.cohen_ on Instagram.
Ashley Wu, Editor-in-Chief
Ashley Wu is a mysterious Asian woman.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer is a senior double-majoring in journalism and cinema studies. He has written for Le Cinéma Club and ScreenSlate, as well as programmed for Spectacle Theater and the Film-Maker's Cooperative. Nico is also an avid consumer of media: film, music, books — you name it! You can follow him over at @nicopedrero on Instagram, stalk his audiovisual habits by way of @nicolaspsetzer on Spotify and Letterboxd, or track his ramblings on Twitter at @NicoPSetzer.
Charlie Dodge, Creative Director
Charlie Dodge is a cartoonist/writer/junior at Gallatin studying 21st Century Storytelling. Originally a Californian, she has once again taken refuge in NYC this semester. She loves museums (especially the free ones) and has aspirations for a future curatorial career. Charlie frequently collaborates with Leo Sheingate, and posts way too many photos on Instagram @muckrakerdodge.
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