This Steinhardt Junior Wants to Be on Your Sex Playlist


Courtesy of Pedro Cañas

Cover art for “That’s My Fault.”

Michael Muth, Contributing Writer

As you queue up “That’s My Fault” from Steinhardt junior Pedro Cañas, don’t let the decadent sound of “La La Land” like piano riffs fool you. A subtle bass line slowly fills the track as you realize that the funky, soulful, sultry vocals and intelligent instrumentation is going to creep into your bloodstream and get you grooving before the first chorus hits.

From his self-produced SoundCloud repertoire to testing out his footing within the streaming era, Cañas has released everything from DJ remixes and electronic covers to completely original albums. Getting people out of their seats and dancing is not an uncommon feat of his.

As a skilled producer with an ear for sharp electronic instrument sounds, Cañas is straying from the contemporary phenomenon of electronic tropical music in order to create a world of chrome-lined sonic beats.

As NYU students returned to campus for the fall semester, Cañas dropped hints and some self-promo over social media to help prepare his audience for the slick, smooth track that he has been cooking to perfection. “That’s My Fault” harks cool-toned jazz guitar and a groovy bassline that will be sure to fill listeners with an uncontrollable urge to get up and dance.

“Depending on how you listen to the cadence, the song’s meaning can be interpreted in different ways. Because of that, it truly has touched the hearts of many. ‘That’s My Fault’’s ambiguity is what is meaningful,” Cañas said.

When Pedro cuts the vocals for a quick break, a saxophone comes into the mix and provides sensual instrumentation. And once the bass comes back, you can’t help but start gyrating to the rhythm of the music.

“This summer I was induced with funk. I found lots of influence from seeing Anderson Paak in Zurich as well as Mac Miller’s songs with producer Pomo on his last album, ‘Swimming,’” the artist said. “Actually, it gives me chills saying so because ‘That’s My Fault’ was released on September 7, the same day as a high school idol of mine, Mac Miller, passed away. It was a day of many emotions for me, as well as for many fans of Mac.”

Whether you were looking for a new tune to set the mood or searching NYU for some musical gems, Pedro Cañas needs a spot on your playlist. Is he the Calvin Harris of NYU ready to release some more deep cuts? Will the apologies he makes in “That’s My Fault” ever be accepted? Only time will tell, and we will be patiently waiting for his next move.

You can find “That’s My Fault” on all major streaming services.

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