Concept Korea F/W 2018

Concept Korea Fall/Winter 2018 presented two prominent Korean fashion houses, GREEDILOUS and LIE, as two very different but very haute halves of one show. GREEDILOUS, by Youn Hee Park, had all the slouchy cuts and femme lines of Korean fashion, but everything was more decadent, more luxe than standard wear. The line, inspired by Marie Antoinette, featured outrageous furs, exuberant ruffles and brilliant patterns fit for royalty. Every color was in bold— think primary yellows, lime greens and true reds. The best look was number 16 — a black bomber jacket with pearl details and a white fur collar, paired with a loose black skirt with a slit in the back. With this were beautiful, bright red leather gloves that matched the lipstick every model wore. GREEDILOUS’s dedication to opulence in this line paid off. This collection is fresh, eye-catching and lovely in every way.

LIE, by Chung Chung Lee, took its inspiration from the Arctic — every model wore the same frozen-over white eyeshadow and mascara. Again, LIE evoked the same sort of casual, feminine athleisure style, but did it in icy baby blues. The genius of this collection lies in its textures. It also hard fur on nearly everything, from colorful coats to fuzzy piping on its pants, but it incorporated sheets of plastic and big ruffles as well. Though the beginning of the show started with the cold blues and coats of its outerwear, the line morphed into warmer colors and plaids— perfect for looking fashionable inside by the fire. The line’s best look was its last look: a fuzzy rainbow-colored fur over a yellow shirt and a loose, funky blue and yellow patterned skirt. Overall, Concept Korea’s Fall/Winter 2018 showcase was both a refreshing and lavish take on modern Korean fashion.


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