Unconventional Shoes: The New Fashion Trend?


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Balenciaga debuted the platform Crocs at Paris Fashion Week.

Christopher Collado, Staff Writer

High fashion is always changing. Trends are always introduced in fashion and either have a huge impact in the history of fashion or become a forgotten fad. Take shoes for example: high heels, sneakers and boots have had a lasting influence on fashion; Heelys, light-up shoes and countless other forgotten ones didn’t survive.

Unconventional shoes seem to be in style at the moment, with top designers creating high fashion shoes out of unique materials. During Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga debuted the platform Crocs. Chanel recently had a spring fashion show that featured plastic shoes and boots. Not everyone thinks these shoes are glamorous, though. Some NYU students think they’re just plain ugly.

“I’m skeptical of the Chanel boots because if your feet get sweaty it could possibly ruin the plastic,” Steinhardt sophomore Anna Pelto said. “I would not wear either the Croc or clear boots but I totally understand why people would wear them.”

CAS sophomore Lexi Harris preferred the Chanel boots over the Balenciaga Crocs.

“The Balenciaga Crocs are ugly; however the see through Chanel boots are glamorous,” Harris said. “I would not wear any of them because they are not my style.”

Despite some misgivings, some students respect the the bold statement these unconventional shoes make.

“I think it’s cool that high fashion is being more open to a variety of styles,” CAS freshman Sydney Brinker said. “I personally wouldn’t wear the shoes; however, I appreciate that fashion is being more fun as there was a time it was very traditional.”

Fashion is so huge in scope that it is natural to experiment and take risks with different styles, colors and designs. The Balenciaga Crocs and Chanel clear shoes provide a gateway for risky fashion choices. Though some will definitely ridicule their design, it is nonetheless admirable of Balenciaga and Chanel to be innovative and take risks.

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