TV Shows to Watch for Fashion Inspiration



Tisch alumna Camila Mendes stars in the CW’s Riverdale. Her character Veronica’s style is very polished and elegant.

Sherah Ndjongo, Staff Writer

The small screen is all too often associated with cliffhangers, binge-watching and, most importantly, fashion inspiration. We’re all familiar with the classic hit shows that have provided us with style tips to steal from, but a little known fact is that there are some series currently airing that have just as many enviable looks for audiences to learn from.


Series remakes don’t always meet the bar raised by the originals, but when it comes to the looks served on the show “Dynasty,” the reboot definitely is up to par with its predecessor. The famous 1980s series was incredibly successful in documenting the times when it came to style, with the character Alexis sporting every major trend of the decade at least once, from colorful padded shoulder power suits to bold gowns completely decked out in glitter to head-to-toe fur outfits. The revival clearly takes after the fashion choices which skyrocketed the original “Dynasty” to fame in the first place while managing to include a highly modernized spin. Surely there hasn’t been a lack of glamor but the dated ‘80s trends have been replaced with more up-to-date outfit renditions. For instance, solid bodycon dresses, perfectly-tailored blazers and nude pumps are prominently featured to portray the characters’ high statuses.


The CW’s high school soap drama “Riverdale,” which takes on a unique twist on the Archie Comics, has only been around since the beginning of this year but has established itself as an instant classic. Aside from its compelling storyline and captivating characters, perhaps its increasing popularity owes some credit to the serious fashion inspiration it offers to its devoted fans. Eccentricity seems to be a recurring pattern among the characters’ outfit choices, each clothing item making a point to highlight their individual quirks. For instance, Veronica’s polished and classic ensembles and staple pieces, like her pearl necklace and black cape, reflect her put-together and go-getter personality. What’s great about the wardrobe seen on “Riverdale” is that it’s very current and a lot of the pieces sported are currently trending, making it easy to replicate.

“The Deuce”

Any show with a plotline revolving around the shady activities plaguing 1970s Times Square is bound to have plenty of innovative fashion material to work with. During this era, it seemed that flashier was better. In “The Deuce,” overly gaudy looks are celebrated because, like its highly imperfect and borderline questionable characters, you have to go big or go home. This series is for those who seek out fishnets, knee-length fur coats, bright hues and sky-high platforms galore. It’s impossible to predict what the characters will be wearing from episode to episode, because just like the events that unfold, you never know what will happen next.


While “Insecure” is, most of the time, an unfortunately fitting name for its protagonists Issa and Molly, one thing they don’t have to be insecure about is their ability to pair together killer outfits. Casual yet eye-catching, an intention to combine the necessary comfort needed for everyday outfits with the element of personal style to show the world who they are is executed to a tee. What’s interesting about the fashion in “Insecure” is that it captures what two relatable career women who are constantly on the go and are preoccupied with tackling real-life problems are likely to wear. Whether this may be a classic button-down shirt with jeans or a loose-fitting floral knee-length dress, outfits like these are fairly easy for viewers to emulate.

TV shouldn’t be overlooked as a source for fashion inspiration, as demonstrated by the shows mentioned above. In fact, television shows provide the freedom for creativity and personality to intersect through style.

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