Nerds Came for Szechuan Sauce and Left Empty Handed


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Many NYU’s Rick and Morty fans lined up outside the McDonalds on 728 Broadway to claim the famous Szechuan sauce.

Caroline Haskins, Deputy News Editor

The campus McDonald’s on 728 Broadway did not receive any promotional Szechuan sauce packets, but this did not stop NYU’s “Rick and Morty” fans from descending upon the restaurant.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, select U.S. McDonald’s locations offered one-ounce packets of Szechuan sauce to promote Adult Swim’s science-fantasy cartoon show “Rick and Morty.”

The show’s main character Rick is obsessed with Szechuan sauce. The punchline is that Szechuan sauce was only available at McDonald’s for a few days in 1998 to promote the Disney movie “Mulan.

“Rick and Morty” fans bestowed long lines, angry chants and calls to police upon some McDonald’s locations that offered the sauce.

Bilenia Marte, the shift manager at the 728 Broadway McDonald’s location, said that she has never seen “Rick and Morty. In fact, she only found out about the Szechuan sauce promotion when people began asking her for it.

“They were more than 100 students,” Marte said. “They just walked out when we said we didn’t have the sauce.”

Eight McDonald’s locations in New York City offered Szechuan sauce, and these locations were could be found on the McDonald’s website on Saturday.

However, none of the locations with Szechuan sauce were near Washington Square Park. The closest location to campus was Madison Square Park.

McDonald’s announced on Saturday evening that select locations will offer Szechuan sauce in larger batches at an unspecified later date. Marte said that the McDonald’s supply chain department has not specified whether 728 Broadway will be one of these locations.

“[McDonald’s] send[s] it to us, so we don’t know which stores are gonna get it,” Marte said. “[Students should] check on the order to make sure that we’re gonna have [Szechuan sauce].”

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