Robert Geller F/W 2017

By Michaela Hoffman, Violet Vision Editor

Art imitated life today at Robert Geller’s Fall/Winter 2017 show. His collection titled, “Love and War”, was a nod to the political climate today in America. The show was all about juxtaposition: of color, style and political forces. His collection expressed militarism, protest and revolt, while also conveying optimism, strength and unity.

At the design level, the pieces were inspired by various military uniforms throughout history. There were sharp tailored vests and coats, military embroidery on the jackets and some pieces donned Napoleonic epaulettes. The color palette mainly consisted of neutral colors like beige, army-green and navy. At the other end, Geller also included pops of color in his collection. Some of the models wore bright pink, blue or orange pants with the word “Love” written on the side. This added softness to the looks and balanced an otherwise harsh wardrobe.

The standout pieces of this event were the face masks that shielded each of the models. These technicolor masks were often paired with the more somber woolen coats and cashmere sweaters. In the show itinerary, Gellar mentioned how the masks specifically were protest-inspired, but his whole collection aimed to elevate the concept of protective and functional clothing, especially when preparing to march in cold weather.

While the pieces carried a heavy message, the venue itself felt very underwhelming. The concrete room, with only a few rectangular screens as hanging decoration, felt a little like a prison cell. This may or may not have been intentional, considering the subject matter of his pieces. He had his past fashion week ad campaigns projected on the screens as an homage to the 10th anniversary to the Robert Geller Brand.

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