Staff Rants: Nov 29-Dec 5

WSN Staff

As the semester draws to a close, our staff reflects on homesickness, elevator etiquette, Union Square and produce.

On homesickness:

Over the past year and a half, I’ve spent more time in New York than I have in my beloved hometown of Vancouver, Canada. I have truly fallen in love with this city. It’s a home for me now, too. When I was home on break, I missed that New York City never stops for anyone, because the suburbs certainly do. Then I got back to New York and hungered for the ‘burbs as I was overwhelmed by commitments and assignments. I could not have been more thrilled to be home in Vancouver, even if for a brief three days. When I returned again, it was the first time I didn’t look forward to coming back to New York. Then yesterday morning as I walked to campus to meet my best friend — who will be studying abroad this coming spring — for our usual Monday lunch date, I grew sad knowing that my fall semester was winding down, and that this spring will be a whole new beast. But I know that this winter break will drag on, and I’ll quickly develop cabin fever again and dream of the big city. Whenever I’m in one place, I’m dreaming of the other; I don’t know what home is anymore and that stresses me out. —Rachel Ruecker, Sports Editor

On lazy elevator patrons:

I like to consider myself open-minded, and I try to not let myself jump to any unsubstantiated judgments — however, if you live on the second floor of a building and take the elevator up as opposed to taking one flight of stairs, you better bet your butt that I’m judging.

If you’re physically able, there should be absolutely no excuse to take the elevator to the second floor from the ground floor. If you are one of these tragic people, just know that you are the epitome of #WasteTheirTime2016. You waste energy that the elevator must exert due to your apparent inability to move your legs. You contribute to the few seconds of my life — as well as hundreds of others — that I will never get back.

I literally have never exercised in my life — with the exception of those dumb mandatory PE mile runs back in middle school — but even I take the stairs when I visit my friends on the third floor. I’m basically doing double your work. So for the love of pugs, please just walk up that one flight of stairs instead of pissing the rest of us off. —Veronica Liow, Deputy Multimedia Editor

On living near Union Square:


I have spent this whole year living in Carlyle Tower 3, and I have to say, it’s been a somewhat harrowing experience. My roommate and I are eternally grateful for our studio double, and we love having a huge amount of space and wonderful views of the city. But what NYU housing didn’t tell warn us about is that the view comes with a steep, steep price, because no matter how high you are in that godforsaken building you will never! ever! escape from the obscene and excessive amount of noise produced by the denizens of Union Square. Granted, this is probably my own fault — noise is inevitable when you choose to live on the edge of a giant public space. But maybe I underestimated the potential amount of noise, because even if every person and their dog screamed at the same time in San Francisco, it still wouldn’t produce the amount of noise that the Bread Alone Greenmarket stand does when its owners are setting up at 5 a.m. —Emily Fong, Opinion Editor

On low-quality American produce:

When I returned from study abroad in Florence, Italy late last May, I learned that one of the most disheartening lifestyle changes would be a result of the poor produce, meats, cheeses and pretty much most other edible things in the United States. I miss the culture of daily food shopping or heading to the Sicilian bakery around the corner to get the best-tasting ingredients and treats (pecorino romano, blood oranges and cannoli — I’m looking at you). There is nothing more fulfilling than a good home-cooked meal, especially when it’s made with natural food. I just wish I had more free time to cook and eat more fresh food. Maybe one day I’ll be able to prioritize so I can live la vita Italiana, but in the meantime: America — we have to step it up. —Grace Halio, Deputy Managing Editor

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