Staff Picks: Early Super Bowl Picks



The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Who’s next?

WSN Staff

With the NFL season underway, the WSN staff took a stab at who will, or won’t, take home the ultimate prize come February.

Anna Letson, Multimedia Editor

I wish it could be the Seahawks, but I know it won’t be because they had their chance…twice.

Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor


The Green Bay Packers, because I grew up in Wisconsin, so to say otherwise is blatant heresy, and I’d absolutely be disowned.

Michael Thompson, Staff Writer

Patriots over Panthers

Another summer has come and gone which, at the least, means football is back. Thankfully, after the obvious Super Bowl collision between the Broncos and Panthers last season, it looks like there may be a bit more parity this season. Last week, 10 games were decided by seven points or less, with teams like the Raiders and the Buccaneers pulling off upset wins on the road. However, for all of the excitement in September, some things remain the same. Even in defeat, the Panthers look scary, and the Tom Brady-less Patriots won on the road against Arizona. Look for Brady to return and, for better or for worse, lead those Patriots back to the Super Bowl, even against a competitive field that includes the potentially dangerous Steelers. Meanwhile, it’s hard to go against Carolina’s unique offense, defense and elite MVP Cam Newton. Though there’s an instinct here that’s telling me to pick the Panthers, there’s also a part of me that takes pride in the Giants being the only team to beat Brady in the big game. Sadly, he’ll get another ring come 2017.

Bobby Wagner, Managing Editor

Patriots over Seahawks

Give me the trilogy! There are several real and a couple fake reasons I think this will be the matchup come February. Among the real:

  1. Russell Wilson is a wizard, and he has as good a chance as anyone to bring home the offensive MVP in the NFC.
  2. The Seahawks defense — though not nearly as vaunted as they were during their first Super Bowl victory — is still anchored by two of the best secondary players in the league in Richard Sherman and Cam Chancellor. That bodes well against the aerial attacks of the other NFC juggernauts like the Packers and the Cardinals.
  3. Tom Brady’s suspension will give Bill Belichick a reason to reinvent something he’s ridiculously good at this season. That might be a potent defensive front seven. Or it might be a creative running game. Either way, Bill Belichick definitely is a vampire and doesn’t sleep and knows more about you than you know about yourself.

Among the fake:

  1. Tom Brady is going to be so pissed off about missing the first four games of the season — and about Hillary wiping the floor with The Donald — that he’s going to play like a bat out of hell.
  2. A linebacker on the Seahawks has my freaking name. Godspeed, to all the Bobby Wagners in the world.

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