Demoo Parkchoonmoo S/S 2017

The Demoo Parkchoonmoo Spring/Summer 2017 runway show entailed a weaving story of simplicity, functionality and design. The collection was centered on two themes: the designer, Demi Park’s own patchwork print paintings and the concept of airiness. The collection was named after the latter, “Airiness.” Each theme manifested through the application of patchwork panels and garments made of natural and breathable fabrics like cotton, gauze and sheer silks.

As a fashion designer who comes from an industrial design background, Park highlighted the importance of functionality in her collection. The light textiles fell easily and gracefully as kimono-like coats inspired by sunbi, traditional Korean men’s school uniforms, which were layered with wide leg pants and long shifts.

The colorblock and patchwork tunics and tops remained organic, despite their geometry. This was due to the predominantly grayscale collection, which only swayed from white, black and gray for clean denim. The simple palette allowed for the movement of the clothing to show on the runway. The breezy layers gently swished against the fresh-faced models, and sheer trim allowed for breathability.

The program for the show addressed the multifaceted concepts, explaining that, “In the patchwork elements throughout the collection is a play on surface, texture and layers, creating depth within two dimensions, and creating structure through shape and graphic superposition.”
The depth and dimension also showed through the catwalk itself. Each model made her way down and across three different lanes, intersecting with the next model at the very end of the center runway. The looping path brought full-circle the collection’s essential merging of art, design, airiness and structure. Each element encountered another, both within the garments themselves and externally, through being worn by the converging models.


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