NYU Reacts: Hayden Hall Is Now Lipton Hall

News Team

On Monday, WSN reported that Hayden Hall, a first year residence hall on Washington Square West, would be renamed Lipton Hall. The name change comes in honor of Martin Lipton, an NYU School of Law alumnus who currently serves as the Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees. NYU students shared their thoughts on the recent change.

“I don’t know how I feel about that because it just got renovated so it’s weird to change it’s name already.” — Adrian Robles, LSP sophomore

“I don’t know why NYU has been changing the names of many of its buildings, but it’s definitely strange that they changed a dorm’s name in the middle of the semester. I mean Hayden is so well known for things like Hayden cookies that it’s definitely going to be a change like that will take a while to get used to..I mean people still call Tandon Poly.” — Bismah Akhter, CAS sophomore

“You should tell them to not change it. That’s it. Don’t change it, and don’t do it. I lived in Hayden my freshman year and I’m personally attached to the name.” — Helen Zhang, CAS senior

“I’m grossly offended.” — Sam Stulin, Tisch sophomore

“OMG like the tea? I feel like because of the tea, Lipton is a funny name. But if it’s a donation, it makes sense for them to change the name. It happened to Poly/Tandon, and even though it was strange feeling and sounding, it wasn’t unreasonable given how much money was donated.” — Annesha Sengupta, CAS sophomore
“I think the whole renaming of our buildings because of donations is kinda silly. It’s a way for rich people to get their names on NYU buildings in the area, and I don’t like it. However, I do get that the name is a small price to pay for getting the donations. I just think it’s ridiculous that people can buy out NYU to see their name on a building. It’s childish to me.” — Taylor Aves, CAS sophomore

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