Wood House Fall/Winter 2016

The blank canvas that is Pier 59 Studios provided was the perfect backdrop for the Wood House Fall/Winter 2016 show. Every look was dominated by rich hues and clean lines. An army of men walked out one by one, individually stunning but effortlessly unified when standing together. The parents of designer Julian Woodhouse were both in the military and the influence of the military aesthetic was evident in this collection.

Each look was structured and had a powerful effect on the viewer. To complete ever look was a pair of either red or black Gola Classic sneakers which continued the air of uniformity. The stand out look was an emerald city crop top with a high neck paired with an emerald city cropped jacket and emerald city joggers. While the look was monotone, it demanded attention and the tailoring was impeccable. Another stand out piece was the granite divided jacket with a quilted double around jacket which was lined with side zippers along the sleeves and back pockets.

While intimidating at first, each look within the collection could and will be worn by any man. For the first time, the athleisure trend was given an air of professionalism. Julian Woodhouse stated in the presentation handout he wants “to fill the wardrobes of men all around the world with clothes they’ve never seen before.” This collection is just the beginning. We can expect many new men’s styles emerging from Wood House in the years to come.

Gabriella Bower is the Beauty and Style Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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