Desigual Spring/Summer 2016

Natalia Barr, Staff Writer

Spanish fashion house Desigual transported New York to its home base, Barcelona, with bright colors, unique shapes, textures and the fun and upbeat vibes for their Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

While many designers highlight their ideal woman in their newest collections, Desigual recognized that the woman is always changing, just like the city and the women who stroll down the streets of Barcelona everyday. The collection was created with three types of women in mind: sporty, eclectic and sophisticated. Though these personalities have been used and recognized before, Desigual’s take on the characteristics was fresh.

The show opened with its first sporty ensemble: a black, white and cotton candy pink striped cotton-blend mini dress. Bold hues were very evident among the looks, but it was often contrasted with black and white prints for an even bolder look. Slight tailoring and sneakers made up these sporty ensembles.

The eclectic  style of this collection felt effortless. One look had a metallic sheer tunic worn over a coral crochet bikini top, paired with a geometric-pattern handkerchief skirt, creating an extremely laid back, summer look. A model even walked with a phone on a small selfie-stick down the runway, perhaps to portray this fun and carefree vibe.

Creating the sophisticated woman was all about the details. Desigual created structured silhouettes, and used texture more than ever before.The textures of an embroidered floral bikini top and matching circle skirt’s texture stood out from other prints, but the top was covered by an oversized black-and-white pullover.

The collection’s hairstyles and accessories demonstrated that this Desigual collection was not for the typical modern woman. Hair came out in braids, cornrows, and bright hues, sometimes covered up by huge headpieces and decorated headphones.

With variations in styling, funky accessories, and celebrities like Laverne Cox and Iris Apfel in attendance, Desigual showed that the woman of Spring/Summer 2016 cannot be singularly defined.

Natalia Barr is a Staff Writer. Email her at [email protected]