NYU Reacts: Sexual assault education

Marita Vlachou, News Editor

NYU released a mandatory sexual misconduct online program on March 10 to educate students on the topic of sexual assault. Students need to complete the training by April 15.

The program features interactive quizzes and hypothetical scenarios to familiarize students with the concept of sexual misconduct, the legal definition of consent and ways in which they can intervene and prevent sexual assault.

Members of the NYU community share their views on the online sexual misconduct training.

“It discussed important topics but it never got to the point where I was just mindlessly clicking through the slides to get it over with. I definitely think it is something that is necessary especially considering the sexual assaults that have become more and more known on other college campuses and considering we live in New York City,  where we have to worry about more than just the threat of other students. I hope it is effective. It’s hard to say something to your peers but hopefully this gives everyone a little more courage or incentive to say something when the situation feels wrong.”

—Tori Porada, LS freshman

“It didn’t feel like it victim-blamed, which was fantastic, and I loved that it didn’t only talk about heterosexual relationships. It felt like a good length — shorter than AlcoholEdu, I think — I would’ve been fine with it being longer, actually. It was definitely, definitely necessary. If nothing else, it’s a really good sign of commitment to the issue from the administration; they really do want to put effort and resources into addressing not only sexual assault after it occurs, but before it occurs.”

—Hannah Weverka, Steinhardt sophomore

“I’m proud that NYU is being clear about its stance against sexual abuse, and is educating students about the topic as well as reinforcing the support systems available to students. It’s adding to the discussion about sexual assault which is a good thing, but I have a feeling that, like AlcoholEdu, a lot of kids will just rush through it and not pay as much attention.”

—Kyle Sims, CAS freshman

“It’s really nice that NYU is tackling issues that concern the student body especially when that has to do with the way that body understands sexual harassment. No matter if one agrees or disagrees with the new development I do believe that dealing with an issue that clearly concerns many students is always a good sign.”

—George Maniadis, Tisch sophomore

Additional reporting by Alanna Bayarin and Alex Bazeley.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, March 25 print edition. Email Marita Vlachou at [email protected].