NYU Reacts: Snow prediction email


Sang Bae

NYU has announced that school not be closed due to weather.

Alex Bazeley, Deputy News Editor

NYU sent out an email to students Wednesday morning notifying them, that despite a forecast predicting snow, classes would continue as scheduled the following day. The email asked students to use good judgement about traveling safely and told them to check their emails periodically in case of a change of plans.

At the beginning of the semester, in response to reports of a major snowstorm headed for the East Coast, the university shut down for a day. After New York City got just a few inches of snow, the university received criticism for prematurely closing as well as praise from students who were pleased with a day off.

Since then, the university has remained open in the face of all weather conditions.

Members of the NYU community reacted to the university’s email and the possibility of closure in the future.

“I honestly just thought it was awkward because it came so early in the day, and it almost seems as if NYU is apologizing for not canceling school tomorrow, especially because it’s been a ‘long winter.’” -James Sabia, CAS freshman

“I thought it was a little unnecessary, but it’s nice to know they care enough to hope we’ll be safe.” -Jasane Sandrakumar, Poly freshman

“I don’t think we can make predictions considering when school will close unless we know the criteria. Even if NYU is more reluctant next time I’m sure that it will take the necessary precautions at extreme conditions.” -George Maniadis, Tisch sophomore

“They kind of rub the fact that the University will stay open in our faces by stating that the university will remain open not once but again in the last paragraph.” -Luke Kin, Stern freshman

“I feel like [the last snowstorm] did influence the university’s decision to close unless there is an absolute certainty there would be a blizzard or snowstorm.” -Rupal Mehta, Poly freshman

“I think they should really consider what schools are doing around us. It’s better to cancel classes and for it to lightly snow than to have classes and put all of us at risk. Not to mention, snowstorms worry commuters who not only have to come here safely but also return home.” -Kayla Jennings-Rivera, Tisch freshman

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, March 5 print edition. Email Alex Bazeley at [email protected].