NYU Reacts: Housing changes

Alanna Bayarin, News Editor

NYU launched a new housing application which, among other things, will allow students to dorm at either the Brooklyn or Washington Square campus. Housing changes will be put into effect starting Fall 2015 and will place students who are studying at the Brooklyn campus in the same housing lottery as those studying in Washington Square.

The Brooklyn dorms are generally $4,000 less, offering Washington Square students a low-cost housing option.

Members of the NYU community shared their thoughts on the new housing options for next year.

“With the merger of NYU and Poly, it’s only fitting that students in the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering be treated the same as all other NYU students, especially in the case of room and board policies. Students who were accepted into the School of Engineering after 2014 had to apply through NYU and thus should be subjected to the same or similar NYU housing policies as other NYU on-campus
housing residents.” 
— Earl Co, Poly junior

“I think Poly students will take the opportunity to dorm in Manhattan. A lot of Poly students have expressed interest this semester but were unable to due to the administration. Poly students are starting to take more and more classes at Washington Square which means that it would be closer to some of their classes. Also, being in Manhattan has a multitude of more opportunities for Poly students to have access to more resources compared to Brooklyn.” —  Allan Huang, Poly senior

“It seems like a great idea to be able to better integrate the two campuses. The integration has already been going well, but I think this blend of housing will really blend the social lives of the students together, which is cool. Price-wise, that is a bit of a bummer, but I suppose Manhattan will always be more expensive than Brooklyn no matter what.” —  Stephan Stanzione, Poly junior

“Commuting to class from Brooklyn would obviously be a lot harder, but at the same time I think it’s a good way for students here in Manhattan to branch out their group of friends here. I like branching out and exploring new places so I think it would be cool to spend a semester or even a year in Brooklyn if possible.” — Jonathan Timothy Su, LS freshman

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, March 4 print edition. Email Alanna Bayarin at [email protected].