Cool gadgets to use in your kitchen

Zane Warman


For students, the means to make meals are unfortunately finite. Without a new appliance to liven things up, doing any sort of cooking at home can become a chore instead of the pleasure it should be. For those suffering from kitchen boredom, WSN has found gadgets to help you break your repetitive dinner ritual, add to your arsenal of tools and introduce you to new ways to make the foods you already enjoy, at prices you can afford.


Milk Frother


While the milk frother might seem like a gadget found only in the kitchens of serious coffee aficionados, purchasing one is a surprisingly simple way to add some variety to your morning coffee routine. The gadget also saves you the money you would usually spend at your favorite coffee shop. Using a wand to froth milk takes only 20 seconds, but the result is lighter, foamier milk, which can elevate a standard cup of joe. IKEA sells wands for as little as $2.49, while Epica’s upscale milk frothing carafe runs up to $44.95 for its stainless steel construction and ability to heat milk while frothing it.


Microwave Chip Maker


This all-in-one kit is a bit of a novelty, but it is remarkably useful when in a bind for both kitchen space and cooking time. Use the metal edge on the lid to thinly grate the potato, then pull out the slitted bowl inside and place the pieces in the microwave to create a handful of chips. Its quick cook time makes it a perfect study-snack maker, and can be used for virtually anything that will become crispy: potatoes, sweet potatoes, tortillas, naan, carrots and more. The culinary supplier, Joie, whose gadgets can be purchased on Amazon, sells their chip maker for just $12.


Bagel Slicer


Enjoying a bagel at home brings about an assortment of frustrations — smushing the bagel to push the knife through, incongruent slices and crumbs everywhere. The bagel slicer alleviates these issues. Essentially a small, open breadbox, the vertical slit guides your knife while keeping the bagel secure and catching its crumbs. While slicers of all styles and materials can be found, an inexpensive “bagel guillotine” can be found for $19.95 at


Empanada Fork


For those seeking to be more adventurous in the kitchen, this odd gizmo opens the possibilities of what can be made simply at home. Using the half-moon shaped fork, dough is formed and pressed like a cookie cutter to create casings that are perfect for empanadas, turnovers or oversized dumplings. The contents are up to the imagination of the chef. Uncommon Goods offers this unique device for $20.


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