NYU Reacts: Sports facility announced

Kyle Luther, Staff Writer

At the end of the academic year, NYU expects to close Coles Sports Center given certain conditions. While the details are still to be determined, the university’s plan is to renovate Coles to include increased recreational space, as well as new living and classroom areas.

NYU has now secured a third facility at 404 Lafayette St. to relieve some of the anticipated crowd issues at the Palladium residence hall and Brooklyn athletic facilities, but some students are still concerned about the university meeting their recreational needs.

“Coles has a lot of facilities that aren’t available at other NYU locations, such as squash courts and fencing rooms,” CAS freshman Sushant Adlakha said.

LS sophomore Nicholas Lukito said he understands the need for NYU to find more space, but also recognizes the need to place a degree of confidence in the administration.

“NYU is a global organization that is constantly expanding,” Lukito said. “All we can do is trust that NYU will do all the right things to make sure that the athletic program, both varsity and club sports, will not be affected.”

CAS junior Nate Cabrera raised concerns about being able to play basketball, as he has done regularly over the past few years at Coles, if there are space restrictions.

“Playing basketball at Coles is something my friends and I do on a regular weekly basis,” Cabrera said. “It has become a ritual and a part of our friendship that is going to be lost if we can’t go play.”

NYU athletes will also be affected by this decision, as many will have to change the usual location where they practice and compete.

“It’s disappointing and we are all upset and will miss Coles a lot, but we understand what the university is doing,” said freshman women’s soccer forward Teressa Fazio. “It will be an adjustment, but as a team that practices off campus anyway, it will be okay.”

CAS freshman Ben Liu said he is worried about the inconvenience of having to go to another location for services he previously received at Coles. 

“Since I’m taking a recreation class in Coles each year, I’m worried that it will take more time going to Palladium or any other building,” Liu said.

Stern freshman and fencer Philip Shin expressed misgivings about the possibility of having to practice in Palladium.

“I’m concerned about practicing in Palladium next year because fencing requires a spacious room,” he said. “The fencing salle in Coles was pretty small to begin with.”

NYU spokesman John Beckman said the building will feature a fitness and recreation center, but the university has not specified which facilities will be included.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 28 print edition. Email Kyle Luther at [email protected].