Classes bring hands-on experience with sweets

New York City is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth with an almost endless variety of places to suit your palate. Luckily, some of these places not only allow you to dine at the restaurant, but also provide opportunities that allow you to learn to cook with them. Many restaurants offer classes that teach the secrets of their kitchens, and give the inside scoop on customers’ favorite desserts.

Mia Chef Gelateria, located at 379 Third Ave., is an old school Italian gelato shop that doubles as the Mia Academy. At the Mia Academy kitchen, gelato classes are offered to anyone who wants to learn the art of this classic frozen treat.

While the shop opened three years ago, it began offering classes in its second year. Since then, Mia Chef Gelateria has taught almost 12,000 students, allowing them to learn about artisanal gelato and its history. Although the flavors created in each class vary, some of the favored recipes include Oreo Crumble, White Chocolate Peanut Brittle and the chef’s special — Gelato Crème Brulée.

Resident chef Jason Rice prepares gelato daily to ensure top-notch quality and taste. All natural 10-28 CLASS6ingredients are used, and the shop purchases fresh milk and cream from local farms. In addition to the traditional gelato, Mia Chef Gelateria offers sorbets and vegan recipes that use soy and almond milk.

Classes at the Mia Academy are an intimate experience, yet are great for both couples and larger groups. The class costs $120 a person, but the shop offers a two-person package for $199. While you receive the perks of a welcoming staff and unique learning experience, you will also take home four pints of the gelato that you make.

Another New York dessert spot that offers classes is the iconic Momofuku Milk Bar. Christina Tosi’s restaurant is famed for its spin-offs of classic desserts. Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Crack Pie and B’day Truffles are some of the iconic items on the menu, and customers often wonder what makes them so delicious. Fortunately, the bakery will let you in on its secrets.

Milk Bar began its “Bake the Book” classes two years ago. All classes take place in its Williamsburg kitchen at 382 Metropolitan Ave., where the baking is done for each of theseven — soon to be eight — locations, with the upcoming addition in the District of Columbia.

On Saturdays, two classes are offered, one at 11 a.m. and one at 3 p.m., each two hours long. The classes alternate each weekend, allowing ambitious bakers to try out different treats. Some classes are based around pies while others focus on cakes. There are also seasonal classes and holiday specials offered at Momofuku Milk Bar.

Priced at $95 per participant, Bake the Book classes are an unbeatable deal, as you can eat on the job and take home everything you make. The class provides you with an exciting experience and teaches you how to make your Momofuku favorites at home.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 28th print edition. Email Caroline Ogulnick at [email protected]