Barbara Tfank Spring/Summer 2015

Suite New York, a posh Upper East side furniture retailer, hosted the Barbara Tfank Spring/Summer 2015. While the setting was industrial, the clothes were anything but. Each piece in Tfank’s collection exuded femininity and grace for a modern woman of classic taste.

Tfank did remain true to her past collections with some traditionally chic black-and-white pieces. But it was the shimmering aqua blues, greens, and soft pinks that dominated this season’s looks.

One aqua and white gown caught everyone’s eye. A brocade split bodice adorned the top of the dress and then fell effortlessly straight down the model’s body. A subtle slit up to only the knee, exposed a bit of leg around the front of the gown, giving an air of understated provocativeness.

Another gown, this one a blush cloqué off the shoulder number, stole the show. The bodice gathered in perfect drapery as the rest of the dress hugged the model’s slim figure. Although the gown was floor length, it gathered in the back to reveal a lace inset to continue with Tfank’s understated theme of “revealing little and promising everything.” But the most remarkable feature was the iridescent fabric that reflected every angle of light, highlighting each movement made in the dress.


While each piece in the collection was unique, all of the models had hair of medium length styled into retro waves that would make Grace Kelly and Betty Draper green with envy. This particularly simple hairstyle showcased not only the gowns but the one-of-a-kind, vintage hair clips made by CIRCA.

“This was CIRCA’s first collaboration with Barbara Tfank. The synergy made perfect sense because both labels stand for craftsmanship and artistry,” Natasha Cornstein, an executive at CIRCA, said.

Together, the Barbara Tfank collection accessorized by CIRCA jeweled hair clips displayed both sensuality and refined elegance for the modern lady, proving that both qualities can beautifully exist in every woman.

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