Students Talk Seasonal Style

Even wardrobes need a spring break.

Students talk about their fashion change during the seasons and how it affects their identity. (Photo by Tatiana Perez)

No longer bundled in huge jackets or swaddled in scarves, students are beginning to pack their winter wear away and debut their warm-weather wardrobes. However, as we enter spring, a few pieces are harder to let go of than others. We can often feel as though one of our coats or flamboyant pairs of boots has come to represent everything we stand for and marks us out among the bleak and quilted flock.

Often recognized during the winter by the click of my boots or the pattern of my coat, I myself have experienced this phenomenon. As the weather becomes warmer and I can no longer wear these beloved items, I worry that I will not only miss my clothes but also part of my identity.

CAS sophomore Clyde Freeman also feels that he expresses himself more clearly during the colder months.

“I think personally I wear clothes during fall and winter that are much truer to who I am and how I see myself, so I feel much more comfortable during those seasons,” he said. “Often I’ll always have some kind of jacket on and a lot of black. However, as we get into spring and summer I kind of wear whatever I can find even though I think it’s not an accurate representation of myself as in the colder seasons.”


CAS sophomore Nadia Koritareva has shared this feeling. However, for her, it is during the warmer months that she feels her clothes accurately represent her.

“I feel truly free to express myself through my outfits during spring and summer; that’s when my authentic style is demonstrated without constraint,” Koritareva said. “But fall and winter challenge me to be creative and make the most out of fashion trends I am not necessarily most comfortable with, and that, in a sense, shows who I am more than anything else.”

There are also students whose style isn’t drastically affected by the seasons. CAS sophomore Maren Altman appreciates seasonal changes, as they help guide her through building her outfit in the morning. Rain or shine, Altman uses the weather to her advantage.

“In the winter, I love layering a faux leather jacket over distressed black jeans,” she said. “Summer, I still enjoy mixing different textures, like plaid and patchwork, but I’ll choose a more minimal skirt and crop top. Faux leather boots are my go-to, no matter the weather because they pull any outfit together. Ultimately, as the seasons change I don’t feel like I lose freedom or a part of myself as much as I gain helpful change and variety.”

SPS sophomore Aggie Dent uses the seasonal transition to her advantage in another way. While the winter allows her to stay in her comfort zone and cover up in shades of white, grey and black, she hopes that the spring and summer will serve as a style-altering catalyst.

“I like my style, but as the seasons change, I would want to wear bolder colors just to put myself out there because I think I wear darker colors to just blend in with the masses,” Dent said.

While I might miss those wonderful boots this summer, I find solace in seeing how these other students adapted to the weather without compromising their individual styles. Those boots were made for walking, but I can walk — and be myself — without them.

A version of this article appears in the Monday, April 29, 2019, print edition. Email Mehhma Malhi at [email protected]



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