The case against Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho



As Chelsea begins to struggle, people begin to wonder if the staff should answer. .

Tony Schwab, Contributing Writer

As Chelsea has collapsed, their manager Jose Mourinho’s previously amusing demeanor has started to become creepy and possibly sinister. As long as he was successful, Mourinho could get away with berating officials, dodging questions and generally acting like the world was conspiring against him. It now seems obvious that this was not just an act for the media, but an outlook that made Chelsea a toxic team.

There have been reports that a first team Chelsea player said he would rather lose than win for Mourinho. Others Chelsea players, including John Obi Mikel, have denied anyone said this and claimed that the entire team is for him. If there is discord in the locker room, it would not be the first time that the Portuguese manager has had problems with locker room attitude. His disappointing stretch at Real Madrid ended bitterly in 2013 amid reports of fighting between Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beyond benchside politics, Mourinho has kept up his reputation for being abrasive in public as well. Throughout his career he has complained about officials, but this year he has reached a new low. He has argued with officials during or after almost every game this season. The Football Association is attempting to formally punish him, and he was banned from the stadium for Chelsea’s next match. Eva Carneiro, a former Chelsea trainer, has also filed a lawsuit against Mourinho and claims she was fired from the club unfairly.

Some fans are resistant to firing Mourinho because they have faith in his ability to turn the team around. This is sensible enough at first glance. Despite his personality, he is the best-ever manager of Chelsea. He led them to three league titles in five full seasons, along with an FA cup and three domestic league cups. But when you consider how much money Chelsea has, Mourinho’s accolades become less impressive. The team may very well have had an equally good shot without Mourinho. They might also have made a Champions League Final, something Mourinho has accomplished for several teams, but not during his tenure with Chelsea.

Some worry about the money Chelsea will have to pay Mourinho if he’s fired, which, depending on the source, is anything from $9 million to $45 million. Even if the highest estimate is true, this would be roughly the equivalent of one major signing. This is a small price to pay for a manager who has such a toxic presence among the club. There are also reports that Monaco would pay whatever is needed to acquire Mourinho from Chelsea, and they may not be the only team to have offered such a deal.

Chelsea have only won three of 11 games in the Premier League and are 10 points behind a Champions League place. They are fighting to stay in the Champions League, and will face a tough opponent on Tuesday in Dynamo Kiev. They have allowed twice the goals they had at this point last year, completed fewer passes and average two fewer shots. If they continue like this, it may spell disaster and embarrassment that could take years to recover from. Before the wheels fall completely off at Stamford Bridge, a change needs to be made in favor of a manager who will create a positive culture. It is time for Mourinho to be sacked.

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