Top 5 designers to fill Dior void after Simons

Peering into the Dior store located in SoHo.
Peering into the Dior store located in SoHo.
Anna Letson
Peering into the Dior store located in SoHo.

Raf Simons’ departure from Dior created more waves in the tides of change that have been sweeping through the fashion industry. Conscious uncoupling between designers and fashion houses seems to be on trend this year. On Oct. 22, Dior announced that Simons would be leaving his position as artistic director of women’s ready-to-wear, haute couture and accessories collections. During his three-and-a-half years at the iconic French fashion house,  Simons stayed true to Christian Dior’s iconic New Look aesthetic of femininity and architecture, while also infusing the brand with his own colorful vision.

Dior has already began to search for a new artistic director, but has not made any decisions yet. Here is an eclectic mix of five candidates for the position and why they are qualified.

Zac Posen
Posen would be a prime option for Dior because of his eye for tailoring and feminine details. His streamlined and modern designs still exude a classicism reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, which makes his gowns popular on the red carpet. Form-flattering and enhancing, his garments speak to a woman’s figure. Waist-hugging bodices flow into molded peplums and full skirts, similar to Christian Dior’s iconic Bar suit.

Stella McCartney
With her effortlessly put-together style, McCartney could relax Dior’s image. By considering issues such as animal rights in her designs, she has created a vibrant, socially conscious image for her company. In the 1940s when Christian Dior made his name in the fashion industry, he reimagined the restrictive and conservative style of the war era with designs that elevated women’s sense of lightheartedness. Simons successfully captured the liveliness of Dior’s original brand, and McCartney could certainly carry it on a more whimsical path while still honoring the femininity and structure of classic Dior.


Martin Margiela
How spectacular would it be if Dior was able to coax Margiela back into the industry? Margiela would definitely make an edgy addition to Dior. His brand, now run by John Galliano, is known for being provocative, sometimes moody but always well-tailored. Margiela has the talent and craftsmanship to renew Dior from the comfortable plateau it reached under Simons.

Erdem Moralioglu
Moralioglu, the London-based designer better recognized by his first name, creates versatile collections pairing delicate textiles with bold prints and feminine embellishments. Moralioglu is not a commercially known brand but is popular among fashion buffs and celebrities. Because he has a vibrant and youthful aesthetic, Moralioglucould bring some energy to Dior.

Azzedine Alaïa

As a veteran in the fashion industry,  Alaïa knows how to create crowd-pleasing and creative collections. The “totally important designer,” as Cher put it in “Clueless,” was known for his sexy body-conscious dresses in the ’80s, but has since developed his collections to allow for more movement. His attention to detail and sense of refinement would uphold the sophistication at Dior, making him an appropriate fit for the fashion house.

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  1. I’d love to see Phoebo Philo from Celine at Dior, but this article threw some interesting names into the mix. The first article to mention Zac Posen…that would be interesting.

  2. Interesting list. Zac Posen would be a great choice, never thought about it, but he does nail down that Old-Hollywood gown vibe but with a def American twist to it, which could be interesting to see at Dior.

    Stella McCartney? This one surprised me. She’s great a day-wear and summery looks, but Dior needs that austerity that I feel she lacks. That and has she ever done a ball gown? Let alone a ball gown worthy of the Dior identity and using their atelier?

    Erdem and Azzedine would be great alternatives. Alber Ebaz would be a great choice as well, seeing as he is a free agent.

  3. This is a bad article. All the names listed are not serious contenders. To put Zac Posen on the list is a joke itself. Thanks for wasting my time.


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