Wonderful world of waffles

Caroline Ogulnick, Staff Writer

The waffle is a classic breakfast food that gives you a sweet start to your day. While the most typical pairings include syrup, fruit or powdered sugar, waffles are being revamped by many eateries around New York City. The traditional Belgian waffle can even be created with savory flair, making waffles not only the ideal breakfast treat, but a delectable lunch and dinner option as well.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda, the brunch haven located at 224 Lafayette St., puts a unique spin on the traditional waffle. On their breakfast and brunch menus they offer a Rosewater Waffle, which is topped with Lebanese yogurt, mixed berries and honey syrup. The addition of rosewater to the waffle batter creates a delicate taste with a sweet and floral flavor. Compared to the dense texture of a traditional Belgian waffle, the flowery infusion makes for a light yet flavorful treat. Jack’s Wife Freda serves brunch until 4 p.m. every day, so this waffle can be enjoyed for breakfast and lunch, or even as a snack.

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge, which opened as a chic dessert and coffeehouse, was originally known for its artisan cupcakes. The downtown spot at 62 Carmine St. now serves breakfast Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and it offers brunch on weekends. Their signature Belgian waffles are far from typical, as they are made in red velvet, Mexican vanilla and blueberry flavors. Special sauces accompany each flavor — red velvet is served with whipped cream cheese, Mexican vanilla is served with salted caramel syrup and blueberry is offered with a side of raspberry sauce.

Root & Bone

Root & Bone brings southern fare and hospitality to Alphabet City. Located at 200 E. Third St., the eatery is home to an eclectic mix of traditional southern flavors. A brunch and lunch menu is offered until 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Taking a classic dish to another level, Root & Bone added chicken and waffle sandwiches to their menu. The dish includes fried chicken, whisky maple syrup, pickled green tomato and watercress stuffed in a waffle with cheddar. The cheddar cheese waffle is a savory complement to the fried chicken, and the sandwich style allows you to taste all the different flavors in each bite.

Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick is located on the Lower East Side and also serves cuisine with a Southern twist. Located at 178 Ludlow St., dinner is served every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sweet Chick whips up some of the best and most unique chicken and waffles in the city. Customers can order fried chicken with the choice of a classic, bacon-cheddar, dried cherry, rosemary-mushroom, walnut-parmesan or spiced-pecan waffle. In addition, you can splurge on The General, which includes a rice and broccoli waffle topped with fried chicken in general tso’s sauce, or fried chicken parmesan, which is paired with a sundried tomato and basil waffle.

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