Lorde show stuns audience

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“New York, you shared your hometown with me, and now I want to share my hometown with you,” Lorde said to the crowd at JBL Live Pier 97 on Sept. 14.

Hitting every track on her debut album, “Pure Heroine,” Lorde’s performance at Pier 97 provided not only a glimpse of her life — it also captured the essence of growing up.

Starting off with “Glory and Gore,” Lorde immediately began her performance with a dark, enrapturing presence.

However, her show took a turn when she performed “White Teeth Teens,” “Tennis Court” and “Buzzcut Season,” which showed clips of a sunny green field, an endless tunnel with somber white lights and herself overlooking a ocean that had hints of light gray and blue. She explained in a bittersweet heart-to-heart with her adoring fans that she wanted these clips to give them a glimpse of a place very special to her — her hometown of Devonport, New Zealand.


She not only sang a powerful cover of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” but also performed a soft cover of Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father.”

Through her songs “Still Sane” and “Ribs,” Lorde captured the terrifying feeling of maturation. “Whether you’re 15, 17, 20 or 50, you know what it feels like to be scared of growing up,” Lorde said to her screaming fans. When she briefly went offstage, she left the audience with the sweet feeling of having conquered a longstanding fear.

As a chandelier and red velvet-like curtains descended onto the stage, Lorde came out in a stunning red outfit as fans danced and sang along together to her two hit singles, “Royals” and “Team.”

She ended the performance with the lively tone of “A World Alone,” where she concluded the show with the last three words to the song: “Let them talk.”

Lorde’s stage presence was enormous and unforgettable — she often got lost in the music and danced uncontrollably, making her presence even stranger and more hypnotizing. The deep bass in her songs, the thumping beats and her unique voice all enhanced the dream-like, exceptional concert she provided. With stage lights of different colors, smoke bubbles that would gracefully pop and the outdoor feel of New York City and the Hudson River, Lorde’s show was more than a performance — it was an experience.

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