NYU Students Reflect on the Women’s March

A man holds a woman with a sign up during this year's Women's March. This year's march drew more than 200,000 protestors in New York City alone, with hundreds of more marches across the country.

On Jan. 20, the second annual Women’s March took place in cities all across America. In New York City, many NYU students had the opportunity to march in solidarity with other activists.

Nursing freshman Mary Carol Dulske reminisced on the experience as an incredible sight to see. She believed the sense of community in the atmosphere was a feeling like no other.

“Thousands of strangers banded together to fight for a cause that they cared deeply about, which was something to behold,” Dulske said. “I marched for all the women who came before me and all the ones who are coming after me. We have come a long way in the past 100 years regarding women’s rights, but our fight is surely not over, just different.”

Other students at NYU marched for similar reasons as Dulske and held similar sentiments about the feeling of community and positivity at the march.


“I marched to show my support and solidarity for women all across the world, women of all ages, women who can’t speak up, women who deserve equal rights and women of all backgrounds,” Kate Leder, a junior in Steinhardt, said. “I hope people realize the importance of the Women’s March as a moment to stress intersectional feminism. We need to use our freedom of speech and privileges that we may have in a way that advocates for all women.”

Leder reminisced on one moment where she was particularly struck about how many passionate people attended the march in New York City.

“I remember we were all waiting on 68th Street, unable to even get onto Central Park West for about two hours… it struck me how incredible this march really was,” Leder said. “There were so many people that we literally could not move, so many people showing their dedication and appreciation and activism in a physical way. They showed up.”

Tiffany Arena, a senior in the Rory Meyers College of Nursing, said the march did not feel like an option for her but an obligation.

“We are fortunate enough to live in a city that holds such an empowering event every year, and I think that if you have the opportunity to experience it, what right do you have to turn it down?”

Arena said the atmosphere was indescribable during the march. “I think that everyone who went was their best self that day. I truly had chills the whole time, and I don’t think I ever stopped smiling.”

The NYU attendees of the march all had hopes that the march would bring attention to the needs of women, no matter their background, throughout America. The march showed that women are here and unwavering. “We aren’t going anywhere,” Arena said.


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