The Money Feature

Feb 5, 2018

Money rules the world around us. It determines what clothes we wear, what jobs we pursue, what food we eat, what classes we take and so much more. Covering the finances of NYU and its communities seemed especially important given the abundance of wealth at NYU. In many ways, exploring money means exploring the NYU population and campus area. NYU has the most number of students from the top one percent of any private university, constituting 11 percent of all students at NYU. The median family income of its students is nearly $150,000 — almost triple the median American family. NYU’s endowment is valued at $4.1 billion. But it would be wrong to talk about money and wealth without telling the stories of those of lesser means. Below, you’ll find the stories of those without enough money to put a roof over their heads and you’ll hear from people who have been able to pay for the entirety of their tuition by investing in cryptocurrencies. By reading these stories I hope you see a side to money — and by extension NYU — you’ve never seen before.

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