The Conspiracy Issue

Yasmin Gulec, Features Editor
April 2, 2018

I was introduced to the whirlwind nature of conspiracy theories when I was around five. My family and I were visiting a friend’s farm in Sakarya, a province of Turkey. It was past 10 p.m. and the weather was too sticky to fall asleep. The bright full moon and the noises coming from outside didn’t help either, so I carefully climbed down the bunk bed and slowly tiptoed down the very old and noisy stairs. My friend woke up and followed me down. We stepped outside the house, only to find my dad and my friend’s father setting up a telescope. There were blankets, flashlights, snacks and two lawn chairs set down on the grass next to them. When my father saw me, he smiled, telling me that they were trying to spot aliens and that I was welcome to join them. Knowing that this would be my only chance of staying up past my bedtime, I sat next to my father, huddled up in a blanket with my friend, and waited. Sakarya has great starry nights, so it made total sense to my five-year-old self that we would spot aliens. Sitting under the stars, beneath occasional shooting stars that we falsely identified as UFOs while shrieking with joy, was very relaxing. The last thing I remember is hugging an alien in my dream and waking up in my own bed.

I am not a cynical person. However, I don’t really have a set belief system. That is why I enjoy hearing about things that other people passionately believe in. Whether you strongly believe in conspiracy theories or find them ridiculous and funny, I hope you enjoy the conspiracies we covered in this issue. Dan Brown once said that everyone loves a good conspiracy and I hope you love this issue.


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