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Natalia Kempthorne-Curiel

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January 25, 2023

The first floor of Bobst Library, lined with chairs and tables.

January 3, 2023

When a semester is in session, foot traffic in NYU buildings reflects that of New York City streets. Herds of students flow in and out of Bobst Library, flooding the intersection of West Fourth Street and Washington Square East.

Bobst Library

The first floor of Bobst Library, lined with armchairs, benches, tables and windows in the back.

The busy campus atmosphere was at its peak during the fall final exam season. But as winter break approached, an overwhelming sensation of emptiness engulfed the campus. With reduced staff and absent faculty as well as limited access to facilities such as shuttles, dining halls and clubs, NYU campus loses its day-to-day bustling charm.

Silver Center for Arts and Science

A dimly lit lounge on the second floor of the Silver Center. Chairs surround a table in front of a gray cupboard and two printers.
A photo of a classroom out of session, filled with unoccupied chairs.
A student lounge on the first floor of the Silver Center. The room has bright, red walls lined with large windows, as well as couches, chairs, tables and a whiteboard inside. Two large lights hang from the ceiling.

While the idleness is invisible to students who traveled away for the break, it is the reality for students staying on campus for January term classes. The loosely occupied lobby of the Kimmel Center and the vacant hundred-person lecture halls are rare sights to behold during the semester. During the break, these are the norm.

Kimmel Center For University Life

A photo of a man wearing a security uniform, walking down the lobby stairs of the Kimmel Center for University Life. Two Christmas wreaths hang on the walls symmetrically next to the stairs.
A photo of two stationary escalators at the Kimmel Center for University Life.

Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life

A photo of vacant leather couches in an empty lounge at the NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life with two elevators against bright red walls.
A photo of a vacant corner with six unoccupied gray couches with a sign that reads “Exit To Lobby And Street” on the right wall.

The solitude was peaceful while it lasted. Now it’s time to return to the chaos that defines the school and the city.

A photo of the empty Bobst Library lobby with the entrance to the study area in the center, a graphic ceramic floor, several black leather bench couches on the left, and eight elevators against the marble walls.

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