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Echo Chen

Third Avenue North

Address: 75 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10003

Cost per semester: $6,622-$9,386

Low cost: Available

Rooms available: Singles, Doubles

Nearby subways: F, L, M, N, R, Q, 4, 5, 6

NYU Shuttles:  Route C, Route E, Route F

Closest dining hall: Third North Courtyard Cafe

Walk to campus: 15 minutes to Washington Square Park

Exploration floors: 3N Theatre, Arts Company, Aperture

Amenities: Mini-theater, courtyard, practice rooms, dining hall


Third Avenue North Residence Hall is an apartment-style dorm that primarily houses first-years but now also includes upperclassmen during the first semester and then spring Liberal Studies’ admits second semester. It is one of the largest dorms at NYU, containing over 950 residents. Third North has many amenities and thus caters toward a diverse community. Such amenities include a game room, a TV lounge, a silent study lounge, music practice rooms, a dance room, a mini-theater, a computer lab, an outdoor courtyard and a dining hall.

Third North’s large population has its pros and cons. On one hand, it fosters greater diversity and experiences. There’s always someone new to meet and new perspectives to be shared. On the other hand, facilitating a tight-knit community can be difficult.

“[Third North] is great for having your friends over but not making new friends in,” Stern first-year Chand Patel said.

If residents get sick of the dining hall, in Third North there are a variety of nearby restaurants, from Wagamama to Martina. For those who are more interested in home-cooked meals, grocery stores are not too far away. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market are within a couple blocks.

Entertainment is also not too far from the steps of Third North. Directly across from the dorm is AMC Village 7  Theater — a convenience especially for those with a MoviePass subscription. Irving Plaza, located on Irving Place between East 15th and 16th Street, is a live music venue that has hosted famous artists, such as Paul McCartney.

Third North, with its convenient location and large population of residents, makes for a unique experience that no other hall can replicate.

“Third North has a life of its own with a spirit of independence that it instills in its residents, while creating community and friendships that span way past the first year experience,” Tisch junior Ty Rivers said.