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Echo Chen

Greenwich Hall

Address: 636 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10014

Cost per semester: $6,622-$9,386

Low cost: Available

Rooms available: Singles, Doubles, Triples

Nearby subways: PATH, A, B, C, D, E, F, M, 1, 2, 3

NYU Shuttles: Route G

Closest dining hall: None

Walk to campus: 10 minutes to Washington Square Park

Exploration floors: NYC in the ’60s

Amenities: Dance room, pool table


Located in the heart of the West Village, Greenwich Residence Hall is arguably the most underrated residence hall at NYU. Greenwich houses approximately 320 residents, less than most upperclassmen dorms. Because of this, there’s a greater sense of community and significantly less noise than other dorms like Gramercy Green Residence Hall or Lafayette Residence Hall.   

Although the West Village is known for being one of the priciest areas in Manhattan, residents at Greenwich have the unique opportunity to live in this vivacious area for the same price as many of the other residence halls. The rooms are on the smaller side, but each three to four person apartment-style room is equipped with a fridge, stove, tables and chairs. High-capacity loft apartments are also available, fitting up to eight residents.

The main downside to Greenwich is its distance from the other upperclassmen dorms. If a resident wants to visit a friend in Gramercy, it can take up to, if not more than, 30 minutes to walk there. After a few weeks, however, any walk will seem like a breeze.