Influential 2017

Dec 7, 2017

This year, we’re turning Influential up to 11.

But this isn’t Spinal Tap, and the 10 undergraduates and one graduate student featured in the following pages aren’t rock stars. They harbor none of a rock star’s typical unwillingness to speak to the press, nor do they cultivate their images through sex and drug use. No, instead of focusing on how they’re perceived, they work tirelessly to strengthen the diverse communities that surround them, and for that, they have garnered the nominations and admiration of their peers.

I would like to thank the writers who penned the following profiles for their willingness to engage with individuals they had never met before. They chose to embrace additional responsibility out of an earnest desire to showcase the most distinguished leaders NYU has to offer.

The production of this issue has been a breeze thanks to our talented Managing Editor Jemima McEvoy, Assistant Managing Editor Natasha Roy and Deputy Managing Editor Abbey Wilson. Our copy editors, Tarra Chen, Victoria Lubas, Viral Shanker and Alejandro Villa Vasquez; and our copy chiefs, Fernanda Nunes and Pamela Jew, have saved me from many an error and represent an ever-intriguing fountain of conversation that spills out from behind the office support beam.

With this issue, our design editors, Rachel Buigas-Lopez and Laura Shkouratoff, celebrate a full year of making our newspapers, so happy anniversary of sorts. In addition, our Multimedia Editor, Anna Letson, has been working at this newspaper for five semesters, which is long enough to carry two babies to term, so happy birthday, of sorts.

And to all of the students featured in this edition of the newspaper, thank you for your patience and flexibility in bringing this all together.

— Abigail Weinberg, Editor-in-Chief




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