The Professors Issue

A college cannot exist without professors. This is self-evident, but these often unsung heroes of tertiary education are becoming increasingly overlooked in the very classes they teach. With the advent of websites like Rate My Professor, teachers are often reduced to mere numbers in the eyes of students. In reality, there is so much more that goes into teaching a course than could be summarised by an aggregated score or a handful of student reviews. What’s more, many of these professors often have unique interests that their students or colleagues are unaware of.

NYU is no exception to this dehumanizing trend, with a host of extremely skilled and passionate professors, who are concentrating in countless subjects but being boxed in by one dimensional rating systems. We at WSN hope that the stories and ideas shared by the professors in this issue not only shed light on their work but inspire appreciation for the immensely talented staff that many take for granted every day.



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