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Fringe: Fall 2017

Letter From the Editor

Beauty is just as important, if not more so, to fashion than the clothing itself. Because it has to do with our biology — our skin, our bodies, our features — it is a clear representation of who we are recognized as. We may use makeup or skincare to alter or enhance our appearances, but we are still visible beneath those filters. Beauty is also an art. Painting your face with foundation, playing with vibrant pigments and choosing which features to highlight takes skill. Designers hire teams of makeup artists, hair stylists and manicurists to transform models to fit their creative vision.

For this edition of Fringe, we wanted to focus on ideas of modern beauty, like confidence and acceptance. Historically, flowers have been symbols and signifiers of discrete messages, such as a red rose given to show affection. The flora used on our lovely models’ faces convey a simple message: everyone has a natural beauty about them. The petals highlight an intersection of individuality, nature and beauty. Whether you choose to use makeup as a transformative tool or treat yourself to some self-love through skincare, individual beauty is worth celebrating.

Thank you to everyone featured and involved in creating this amazing issue, especially our multimedia team — Anna, Polina and Julia — who captured the perfect moments of organic beauty. Also, thank you to Oriana, Malcolm, Sabrina, Sarah and Sophia who let us meticulously apply flowers to their faces with eyelash glue. And lastly, a big thanks to our talented writers who find the words every time.

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