The Community Service Issue

April 24, 2017

Before I came to NYU, I remember hearing about students and alumni and their achievements. One Tisch alum wins an Oscar. A Gallatin student has a published book and is working on her second. Some Stern students’ startups have effectively impacted the local community. It is clear that ambition runs in the veins of NYU students. They show their ability to tackle new issues through the activities they involve themselves with — and community service is no exception.

NYU students take initiative to get involved in their local communities, sometimes even extending a helping hand globally. The Community Service Issue highlights a few of the many community service opportunities NYU students can participate in. It questions the controversy surrounding parts of community service, such as the idea of voluntourism. It weighs in on the impact that programs have on others’ lives. It broaches the topic of activism and service and how their integration creates potential to further a movement.

When NYU students think about the accomplishments students and alumni have, most think about the grand actions that were enacted, such as those to create a startup. However, it doesn’t have to take that much to impact a life. This issue is a reminder that service to the community can do wonders.

Designed by Laura Shkouratoff and Rachel Buigas-Lopez


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