The Fashion Week Issue

At New York Fashion Week, appearances matter in the least superficial way possible. People attend as their best selves, outfitted in clothing that transforms them from their everyday personalities to fashion aficionados. For me, playing dress-up never gets old, and I consider myself lucky that twice a year, a whole community unites to do so. When I prepare for a show, my identity shifts from a college student to a fashion editor — channelling my inner Anna Wintour. The Cinderella-effect cast over fashion week creates an atmosphere full of excitement and appreciation for the creativity coming forth from designers.

This season, we’re reflecting on the role of bloggers, influencers and millennials at fashion week. With social media as their medium, they’re telling, posting and sharing the fairytale-like experience for a vast audience to see. Their presence at runway shows and online may be altering how we perceive fashion week, but they cannot affect the essence of NYFW — it’s intoxicating and enchanting.

– Sophie Shaw, Beauty and Style Editor

















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