The Polarity Issue

The Polarity Issue came from a large amount of frustration and what often feels tantamount to despair with the recent climate — not just politically, but socially. With so much vitriol between rival factions of side A and side B, or team X and team Y, it gets really hard to even scroll through Facebook for a quick lunch break without happening upon someone calling a group of people names not appropriate for polite company. It’s been said loud and often that a lack of understanding of people different from us is what led us to our current political situation, and I wanted to address what frustrated me most.

The fact that we’re all human, all have the same basic needs and desires and still somehow fail to see the humanity in each other, is really upsetting. I wanted to dedicate an issue to exploring the ways in which we often tend to see each other as opposites — polarized groups, if you will — when in fact, we’re not so different. It sounds cheesy, and it is. But cheese tastes a lot better to me than acid.








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