Fringe x Feminism

Fashion has had a long history of social commentary and capturing cultural moments. From Coco Chanel’s introduction of the tweed suit for women in the ‘20s, to today’s influx of gender-fluid clothing lines, fashion and feminism have continually overlapped. Thought feminists of the past may not have defined the trends, the clothes they wore came to epitomize the movements they were leading.

If you look in your closet today you can trace back many of your articles of clothing to a wave of feminism. Your leather miniskirt is courtesy of the ‘90s Riot Grrrls who reclaimed their sexuality while shortening their skirts. Your favorite denim jumpsuit reflects the incorporation of accessible and comfortable clothing credited to ‘40s women entering the workplace. Feminism is quite literally in your closet. Fringe x Feminism presents an evolution of five of the most prominent feminist movements and how they are manifested in the closets and runways of today. To emphasize this idea, all clothes found in this issue are pieces from the creative team’s and models’ own closets.

Click through the articles below to see how fashion and feminism have influenced and informed each other over the years.

70s  90s
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Photos by Conrad Bischoff



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