Quiet Sweet Treats Around the City

Fill up your plate with some delicious food that won't make a sound.

From apples to chocolate and carrots to candy, eating is just so loud. Whether it is crunchy cereal for breakfast or a crisp salad during lunch, masticating is a noisy task. Here are a few soft treats along with the best places NYU students can find them to provide relief during the raucous act of dining.


Known for its vital role in a s’mores, marshmallows are also great when eaten alone.  Although they are a little chewy, their silent stickiness can brighten anyone’s day. Popular ways of eating this muted confectionary include dipping it in chocolate, heating it over a campfire or just devouring it in its natural state.  Though some of the best marshmallow locations such as Mitchmallow and Squish Marshmallows require a subway ride to obtain, a few closer locations such as The Sweet Life and Sockerbit can also satiate a marshmallow yearning.



From exciting elementary school snack times to electrifying college parties, this jiggly, wiggly and brightly colored dessert makes for the perfect hushed refreshment.  Jello’s gelatinous consistency makes it easy to cut into fun shapes, and it forms perfectly into molds before it hardens. Ootoya Chelsea has interesting jelly options, such as green tea, but for more traditional flavors and tastes, Gourmet 53 boasts classic red cups of gelatin.

Whipped cream

This light, fluffy treat complements and finishes any dessert.  Whether it is home-whipped or straight from the can, a dollop of whipped cream can soundlessly improve any sweet treat.  Once called milk snow, whipped cream’s silentness is as relieving as a fresh snowfall amidst all the noisy food one encounters throughout the day.  Although Manhattan does not have any stores dedicated to whipped cream, some of the best can be found at I-CE NY and Snowdays to accompany a rolled or shaved pile of ice cream.

Cotton candy

This fluffy carnival food takes the award for quietest food. From tearing the cotton candy’s to the moment it dissolves in your mouth, this sugary treat is inaudible. These traditionally pink and blue balls of fluff noiselessly sweeten and color a loud day of eating. Although Handsome Dan’s is most well-known for its snow cones and candy selection, this store spins fresh cotton candy for its customers. And if you’re willing to travel farther, Corner of Vermont in Brooklyn is a shop that specializes in all things maple — including cotton candy — for more adventurous foodies.

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