Letter from the editors

Since its inaugural issue, Fringe has sought to capture the unconventionality of the fashion world in the glossy pages of a magazine. While this season’s “Back to Basics” aesthetic seems contradictory to the foundations of Fringe, it is actually quite appropriate in its embrace of the quotidian — a notion “on the fringe” of fashion itself.

From turtlenecks to the iconically trendy Stan Smith sneaker, every article of clothing in this issue was either selected from the creative team’s own closet or graciously provided by Lacoste. Together, the worn-in pieces layered with designer items show just how accessible fashion truly is.

With a little black dress and a solid gray coat, we reclaim “basic” for its original meaning, disregarding its contemporary, negative connotations. With a call to action, we challenge the lack of diversity so pervasive in this industry and celebrate the progress being made. We look to a graduate who is living proof that passion and dedication will take you places. Finally, we recognize that in its ever-shifting nature, fashion continues to evolve from the very ashes it burns.

Thank you to our amazing writers and multimedia team, especially Polina, Tatiana, Jack, Calvin and Prissilya. To our models, Conrad, Kirra, Adryan and Rukhshana and our beauty artist Dana Reszutek, thank you. And finally, thank you to Olivia and Valentina for helping us create such a beautiful issue.





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