1. Despite how thrilled and thankful I am to attend NYU this Fall, I must admit that the overall lack of interest in sports at NYU does not appeal to me. In my country, (Bolivia) sports have always transcended everything. They break down the barriers of color, race, and creed. For me, nothing has demonstrated the equality sports can provide more than soccer.

    I also support the notion that the only thing that separates NYU from Ivy League schools is the athletics. I am aware that living in NYC poses a barrier for athletes and games, but one must remember that NYU was once a national competitor in the two most mainstream college sports at the Division I level: basketball and football. I just think that bringing back NYU’s forgotten culture would do NYU more good than harm.

  2. I love nyu violets as always and forever with love, care, and support because NYU is where my heart belongs and nyu is my connection.


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